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Each RingCentral 30 Day Free Trial Includes


Toll Free & Local Numbers - When you sign up for your RingCentral free trial, you have the choice in picking a toll free number or a local number. This number acts like a fax number and can send faxes to you email. Start faxing from email from anywhere in the world with this fax number.

Receive Faxes as Emails - With RingCentral, all of your faxes goes to your email account. You can access your faxes from anywhere with an internet access. Your faxes are stored for over 2 years! Archiving your faxes is very easy and you can covert your faxes into over a dozen different formats.

Fax From Any Application - With RingCentral online fax, you have the ability to fax from any application that has a connection to the internet. They give new meaning to the term mobility. Send faxes by using your cellphone, iPhone, PDA or even a Blackberry. You can also send and receive faxes with any Microsoft Application as well. All you need to do is click on a button. 

Secure Faxing - When you are sending out faxes to your email, you can sleep at night knowing that everything is very secure. When your faxes get sent out, it gets encrypted. So that no one can access the fax. When it gets sent to the recipient, it gets re-encrypted so that the fax can be read. This is a very safe faxing solution and you will know that your fax has gone to the right place. Once a fax has been sent, you will receive a confirmation. RingCentral's online interface is protected by SSL technology.

Edit & Sign Faxes Electronically - With RingCental, you have the ability to sign your faxes electronically. The great thing about this feature is that not many online fax providers offer this feature. There are several ways to setup this process. The first thing you need to do is to get an digital copy of your signature. You can scan a copy of your signature to your hard drive. Another way you can get a digital copy of your signature is to fax your signature to your self. Then you can use your signature as a stamp. Everything you need a signature, you just stamp it onto your fax. It is just that simple to make an electronic fax.

Outlook Integration - RingCentral can be integrated with many different applications. You can now start receiving faxes into your Microsoft Outlook Inbox. You can also send faxes and get faxes at the same time with Microsoft Outlook.

Fax Alerts - With RingCentral, if you receive a new fax, you can set up alerts. Start getting test messages on your cell phone, PDA, or your Blackberry alerting about new fax that have come to your email account.

Detailed Fax Logs - Get all of the recordings of every single fax that you have sent. All of your faxes is stored into your web-based online fax account. With the detailed logs, you can see who called you, their phone number, the date, time, length and how long the transaction took.

Web Based Account Management - Since RingCentral have a web-based online fax account, you can access the account with any connection to the internet. You can use a Cell Phone, PDA or a blackberry to access your account. You can view your faxes, make any changes, and look at your fax logs.

US Support - With RingCentral, you get top notch support. They are many ways to get in touch with RingCentral. People love their support because you can contact them by phone, email or the internet. They offer support 24/7 7 days a week.

So What Is Fax To Email?


Online fax goes by many different names. Some of the common names it goes under is virtual fax, electronic fax, fax from pc, fax from computer, internet fax, and email fax. With online fax, you can fax without the use of any hardware or software. You can receive faxes and send them by only using your email account. If you have access to the internet, you can use online fax service.

Online fax service is very convenient and it has many features that a tradition fax machine doesn't have. When you sign up for online fax, you have to choose between having a toll free number and a local number. This number acts like a fax number. When you receive faxes, it will appear into your email account as email attachments. The fax documents will be in the file format PDF or TIFF.

Why Should I Use An Online Fax Service?


Save Money - With an online fax service, the biggest different that you will notice is just how much money that you will be saving. Most online fax service is very affordable at under $10. The dedicated phone line you currently have for your conventional fax machine costs more than $10! You will not only save money by getting rid of your dedicated phone line.

You will also save money on ink, toner and fax paper. With online fax, all of your faxes gets sent to your email account. That means that you have a choice in printing which faxes are important to you. So you will save on office supplies. The junk faxes will appear in your spam folder.

Reliability - Online fax is very reliable. You will never get any busy signals, paper jams, or have to wait in line to send your fax. With online fax, the system is up 24/7 7 days a week. All you need to have is a connection to the internet and an email account. It is just that simple. If you happen to need customer support, there are several ways to contact RingCentral. You can contact them online, send an email, or call them from there toll free number.

Security - Security is always a concern when you are using a online service. With RingCentral, you have nothing to fear. Security is a top priority for RingCentral and they have many features to keep all of your faxes protected from theft. When you send out a fax, your fax gets encrypted so that it cant be read even if it gets intercepted. When your fax gets received, it gets re-encrypted again so that it can be read by the sender. They also use advanced SSL technology on there website.

Productivity - One of the main reasons that people switch to online fax is the fact that you can be very productive. How is this so? With a conventional fax machine, you can expect to get busy signals, paper jams, and need regular maintenance. With an online fax service, you will never have any of those problems. You will have advantages that conventional fax machines doesn't have. You can send out multiple faxes to different people at the same time. You can also receive faxes while you are sending them.

When you send a fax, you will get a confirmation that the fax has been sent. You will have complete mobility with RingCentral. You have the ability to send faxes using your cell phone, PDA and a Blackberry. So you can fax on the go and with a conventional fax machine, you cant do that. With online fax, you will have the extra time you need to focus on the most important aspects of your business. Meeting sales calls, greeting important people and focusing on your marketing.

More Features - Get many features that a traditional fax machine doesn't have.