Statusbrew New Instagram followers App

The best unfollow tracker allows you to discover who has unsubscribed or does not follow you back on Twitter and Instagram.
Get more details on your Twitter and Instagram accounts such as mutual friends, fans, new subscribers and more, using our intuitive interface design and easy to use.
Statusbrew ( (Previously Unfollowers) is one of the most popular tools to manage your connections on Twitter and Instagram (subscribers / subscriptions / unsubscribed). More than 10 million satisfied users can be concluded that this is probably the best unfollow tracker available.
■ Key features
This tool makes you account:
· Who you unfollow has recently (new unsubscribed)
· Who you attended recently (new subscribers)
· Who you “no-follow back
· Who you do not follow back (the fans)
· Your mutual friends
Furthermore, you have:
· Support for multiple accounts Twitter & Instagram
· Notifications subscription and unsubscribe to Twitter
· Register of subscribers / subscriptions
· Search (Twitter only)
You can also view charts / graphs:
· Subscriptions
· Subscribers
· Whitelist
· Requests sent
· Blocked Users
Regarding Twitter accounts, you can:
· Send direct messages (DM) to your friends and subscribers
· Email mentions tweets
· Forcing subscribers to unsubscribe
All this awaits you in our application, using our intuitive design and easy to use.
■ About Statusbrew (Previously Unfollowers)
Statusbrew ( is part of the service unfollow popular tracker Web. More than 9 million users who trust us make this application one of the best tracker unfollow for Twitter and Instagram.
This service perfectly meets the needs of businesses.
With our unique capabilities “Export list of subscribers / subscriptions” and “Search”, you can also have various information on the activities of your competitors on Twitter and Instagram, taking account of their subscriptions and subscribers so you can track their contacts and so take over your business.
Do not hesitate to share Unfollowers with your friends, you are less likely to lose them.
This application is not affiliated with Twitter or Instagram.
■ Contact Us
Our website
Official Twitter Account
Official Instagram account
email address
Bugs / Errors
Please report any bugs you encounter, by email or twitter, please.
We will do it quickly.
Thank you

Clash Royale Game Review – Hitting The App Store

We are passionate about video games, and that’s why in 2016 we decided to create this website to help players easily find tips and functional methods. We noticed that on the Internet there are many ridges or online generators that never works. We, we are passionate and we try to provide our community guides and very easy to use tutorials to allow everyone to cheat in Android iPhone games.

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Xbox One My Favourite Gaming Console

Price Going High For Xbox Consoles

In today’s crashing monetary occasions wherever it is actually getting tougher and tougher day by day to possess a control over price range, the price of the Xbox Live codes can possess a actual poor impact on gamers.The only item better than Xbox one is Xbox Live, because it gives you the opportunity to mess about with your buddies -and complete strangers – from all over the world.Microsoft Corporation would be the mastermind behind the Xbox Live.




It truly is an online digital media delivery and multi-player gaming services platform where 1000’s of end users have registered.Multiplayer for everybody Build imaginative, awe-inspiring worlds with your mates. Compete in heart-pounding matches that require quick contemplating and quick reflexes. Whether or not you might be while in the mood for cooperative or aggressive gameplay, Xbox Live has something for everyone.

With Xbox Live Gold you can do all the things you can with Silver, plus send voice messages, chat with men and women in video games and lobbies as well as perform with others on the net.

The evolution of the Xbox has helped for a lot of optimistic improvements to occur, which have benefited gamers, as they are now able to attain the most effective practical experience probable from each game they opt to play.Finding rewarded for accomplishing what you love…what could possibly be far better? With Xbox Live Rewards, taking part in video games, watching films, and obtaining fun on Xbox Live usually means genuine true rewards in the pocket.


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Awesome : PlayStation Private Beta is now live in the UK

Just before the start of the weekend you could read that Now PlayStation beta invites were sent to those with a PSN account in Belgium and the Netherlands. When it appeared the link (in the invite) are not working and you got the message that the beta was already full. This was – as it turns out – a mistake on Sony’s side and this morning they have been rectified. Recently we have learned from a source at PSX-Sense that the link works now and that PlayStation Now can be downloaded without any problems.
playstation beta
 [wdps id=”0″]

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